Cara York

Thank you!! Past my test with no minors thanks to Duncan! Easy to get along with and very patient! Thanks again!

31st Jan '17
Rachel Masterman

Duncan is a patient and encouraging driving instructor who gave me the confidence to pass my test! I would definitely recommend him! Thank you!!

27th Jan '17
Abigail Anson

Thank you so much Duncan for helping me pass my test, you were so patient and kind.

15th Jan '17
Patrick Moon

Duncan is a great instructor. Calm, patient and a good laugh all made my driving lessons enjoyable, and after passing first time I would recommend him to anyone.

7th Jan '17
Ross Powell

I passed my test first time thanks to Duncan's excellent teaching. I would happily recommend Duncan to anyone interested in learning to drive.

3rd Jan '17
D Boarman

I passed first time with Duncan. He is a great driving instructor and will listen to what you have to say and will adapt his teaching methods to suit you. He is very patient and speaks to you rather than yells at you if you have misunderstood something or have done something wrong. I am on the autistic spectrum and was worried about driving but with Duncan it was easier than I thought.

3rd Dec '16
Sophie de Cogan

I passed my test first time with Duncan! Thank you for everything! He is so patient and I wouldnt have done it without him. Would recommend to anyone.

24th Nov '16
Owen Foster

Duncan was my first instructor and couldn't ask for a more honest and brilliant instructor. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Cheers

12th Oct '16
Julia Morgan

Duncan is a fantastic, patient and kind instructor who helped me pass my test first time. THANK YOU! I will recommend him to everyone.

15th Sep '16
Phuong Vu

I really enjoyed driving with Duncan, though my mood was up and down because of being a new mother. Owing to his calmness and patience, I passed the driving test first time yesterday. He is such a brilliant driving instructor I was lucky to be introduced to

13th Sep '16
Emily Coxon

Passed my test first time with Duncan, brilliant instructor and an all round lovely man. Would definitely recommend, you can tell he's had years of experience of helping people to pass their test :)

28th Aug '16
Henry Saunders

Duncan was great, within 8 lessons he turned me from somebody who was far too fast to someone who was far more controlled and a safe driver and got me passed first time! Couldn't of asked any more from him, would recommend to anyone

26th Aug '16
Jane Simpson

Duncan has taught both our sons to drive. He has been incredibly patient, helpful and encouraging throughout. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

8th Aug '16
Eddy Simpson

Duncan was a great driving instructor and we got along well, he was always patient. It's all because of Duncan's instructing that I passed, and I would recommend him to everyone.

28th Jul '16
Leanne harrison

I would definatley recommend Duncan. From the very first lesson to passing Duncan has been fantastic. He has a very calming nature and makes you feel relaxed. Each lesson was great and always flew by. Even if the odd 1 didn't quite go to plan Duncan was always positive and constructive. Duncan was always 100% I could pass even if I didn't believe it. I"ll miss our chinwags, in Duncan's words "it's been fun kidda". Thank you Duncan....I did it!!

18th May '16
Alicia Miller

Passed my test first time. Duncan was an awesome instructor, really friendly and calming. Thank you very much, would recommend to anyone.

11th May '16
Cam Clarkson

Passed my test first time after been taught by Duncan. I've had a couple of driving instructors in the past and Duncan is without a doubt the best. He keeps calm and is very easy to get along with which helped me a lot as I was very nervous at first. I would highly recommend Duncan to anyone who's wanting to pass there test. Thanks Duncan

6th May '16
Luciana White

Passed first time! Duncan taught me everything I needed for my test!! He is patient, gentle, knowledgeable and a good laugh! The only downside is leaving the car when the lessons are over! I'll miss driving the Mini!! Thank you Duncan!

19th Apr '16
James Higginbotham

An absolutely superb instructor and a mini cooper to boot! Passed my test first time and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. I would most definitely recommend Duncan to any new driver.

19th Apr '16
Thomas Graham

Duncan was a superb instructor who was very patient and calm while i was driving. Thankyou so much for all your help

19th Apr '16