Abbie Dewar

Duncan is brill! very easy to get along with, and very flexible. Passed first time with only three faults, couldn’t thank him any better :))

18th Feb '22
Imo Smith

Duncan was a really good driving instructor, easy to get along with and always gave me clear instructions. Very laid back and I passed first time!

4th Feb '22
Megan C

Duncan is a very encouraging and friendly instructor. I passed my test first time and felt very prepared and capable for it. He is patient, very friendly and easy to get along with, he made me feel completely at ease and less tense about driving. He is very reliable and always managed somehow to make our busy schedules work. Thank you so much Duncan!

1st Feb '22
Tom Hall

Duncan was an amazing instructor, always patient and friendly. Thanks to him I passed first time after a few months of lessons. Would highly recommend.

23rd Dec '21
Chloe Lawson

Highly recommend Duncan. He’s patient and will get you passed in no time. Thank you

10th Dec '21
Jack Tudbury

I’ve had Duncan since July and he couldn’t have been a better driving instructor. He really helped me grasp what the examiner would look for and was patient and reassuring if I made any mistakes.

5th Nov '21
Oliver Oxtoby

Duncan is a great instructor and also very patient, a great guy to get along with. He gave me full confidence on the road. Would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Duncan!

1st Nov '21
Nick Pollard

Always felt safe and happy to be in the car with Duncan, a great and helpful instructor who helped me pass my test and become a well-rounded driver

28th Oct '21

Started driving with Duncan a few months back and passed my test first time. He is genuinely one of the best instructors! He is so kind, friendly, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humour… 100% recommend to anyone!

30th Sep '21

Passed first time. Started learning in May 2021 and took the test in September with 2 hour lessons every fortnight.

16th Sep '21

Great instructor, who was a real help in passing first time. Didn't pressure me when driving and worked to my strengths. He was constructive in feedback and it really did help. Can really recommend!

30th Aug '21
Jessie W

Duncan is a great instructor who helped me to gain confidence and pass my test first time. I would highly recommend him to any new driver.

19th Aug '21
Izzy S

Duncan is a really understanding instructor, who is calm throughout every situation. A fun and cool personality, making lessons much less nerve-wracking than I had expected. A great teaching approach giving a well-equipped mind for driving. Really recommend him as he helped me all the way through my learning experience, securing a first time pass.

17th Aug '21
Maisie C

Duncan - is everything you want in a driving instructor. He has an expert knowledge of what is required to pass a test combined with a calm manner. He steered me through the ups and downs of the learning to drive process with patience and humour. 10/10. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you so much for all of your help.

16th Aug '21
Lewis Charnock

So I learned to drive privately and got to a week before my test and Duncan called me asking if I still needed lessons which I did need a couple to get my head in the game and he came along and took me for a couple before my test and helped me pass first time thank you Duncan for your last minute push to get me through definitely recommend

16th Aug '21

From the first lesson Duncan was so helpful and approachable especially since I had never driven before and he really encouraged me. He's funny and is always ready to answer any questions (even if you bombard him with them). I passed first time thanks to his support and guidance. Thank you so much Duncan :)

13th Aug '21
Alex A

Over the course of the COVID pandemic, Duncan was understandably busy, and the regulations constantly changing regarding driving made booking tests difficult. However, Duncan's lessons were nonetheless efficient and helpful, assisting me into passing first time. Duncan has a calm and patient method of teaching that allows you to ease into the correct routine of driving regardless of your prior experience. Thanks, Duncan, for the lessons!

25th Jul '21

I cannot thank Duncan enough for putting up with me and my bad driving habits, he was extremely patient, super friendly and so easy going. A very reliable instructor, always willing to book in and help. Highly recommend.

23rd Jun '21
Jack Shervington

Duncan is not just a very experienced, patient, and knowledgeable driving instructor, he is a wonderful human being. Even though I wasn’t the most experienced going into my test, he reassured me with optimism and hard work that I would pass. Thankfully I did! I would recommend him to anyone at any level of their driving. Thanks Duncan

5th May '21
Anna Fenlon

Duncan is a patient and calm instructor; he always made me feel at ease in the car and helped me gain confidence in my driving ability. He's also just a lovely guy!
Thank you Duncan!

31st Dec '20