Very much recommend learning with Duncan. He’s patient and explains everything as much as you need. Kind, down to earth and top banter to help calm any nerves. Thanks Duncan!

1st Jul '24
Harvey Vincent

Thanks very much Duncan made learning to drive really enjoyable, a great instructor couldn’t recommend enough

28th Jun '24
georgina s

I highly recommend Duncan, he is friendly and a good laugh. He is a great teacher, knows when to give positive and critical feedback to help you improve through the process. Thank you Duncan!

16th May '24
Kerry Fletcher

Amazing instructor, easy to get along with, can have a laugh, chatty and very patient with me, helped me build the confidence to pass. Definitely recommend ! :)

7th May '24

I wasted months with my first instructor, who would often park on the side of the road with all his students, presumably to save fuel money. Making the switch to Duncan made me realise how crucial having a good and fair instructor is. Duncan maximises the amount of time you spend driving and excels at explaining things practically and identifying weaknesses, swiftly correcting them to ensure you're test-ready. I’d recommend Duncan as your instructor..

3rd May '24

Duncan was a great instructor with lots of patience:)

8th Apr '24

Honestly best driving instructor you could ask for got me to pass with little minors thank you so much

14th Feb '24
Lauren plowright

Duncan has been a great driving instructor, taught me all I needed to know in a very short space and continually reinforced everything I was learning. He was funny and always had a smile, I am going to miss the weekly lessons.

1st Feb '24
Victoria Pretorius

Duncan was really kind and patient throughout the driving process and as a result my daughter passed first time within a few months. He is so helpful and accommodating and I would recommend his tuition to anyone. Thank you.

28th Jan '24
Alfie Berry

when I was first driving I wasn't very good, however I improved massively as a result of Duncan.

he gave me a lot of confidence while driving which made me pass on my first attempt and even through the test i remembered the way Duncan would teach me certain routes so I could memorise it with complete ease.

18th Jan '24

Duncan is a fabulous driving instructor who is very patient and gives you lots of confidence, as well as being a wonderful teacher and great to talk to- I couldn’t thank him enough !

20th Dec '23

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Duncan, he was patient, easy to talk to and remained calm despite my frequent panicking!! I found that he knew the right time to push me which enabled me to gain the confidence I needed to pass. Thanks for being a great instructor! :)

16th Dec '23

Duncan is a great bloke who really put me at ease while driving. He helped me pass my first test before moving away and was willing to help out whenever he could to fit a test in. Couldn't recommend him enough.

14th Nov '23

Duncan is a very patient teacher with lots of knowledge. Lovely to chat with and have a laugh. Helped me pass first time :)

2nd Nov '23
Dave Tudbury

Duncan has now helped both my children pass their driving test at first time of asking. Their tests were 2 years apart and both have felt supported through Duncan's realistic assessment of their skills and how to hone those skills to be confident that would pass. We recommend Duncan to help you get this life skill.

17th Sep '23

Duncan is such a kind hearted and patient driving instructor. He managed to give me the confidence boost I needed in order to pass my test and was not afraid to push me to my limits during lessons.
Thank you Duncan!

6th Sep '23

Duncan was super kind and patient and I loved learning with him, he always made me feel calm even when I was nervous to get in the car, and eventually got me to love driving! Thank you for everything :)

18th Aug '23

I had Duncan for a few lessons in the week before my test and he was really helpful in showing me the routes I might drive and telling me exactly what the examiners want to see and he’s really nice in explaining when you do something wrong

7th Jul '23
Tom Roebuck

Duncan is a great man and an even better instructor. He has brilliant banter which makes it really easy to get along with him which helps reduces all stress. This aloud me to be able to pass first time with him. 10/10 highly recommend.

27th Jun '23
Adam Zarrouk

Learning to drive with Duncan has been a wonderful experience, he was patient and understanding and taught me in a way I can actually understand. I got on well with him and I would 100% recommend anyone that’s wanting to pass there driving test

26th May '23

Passed my driving test first time with Duncan couldn’t recommend him enough really lovely guy to chat to, the knowledge he has is impeccable, making me feel confident to do my test. Thank you very much Duncan :)

22nd May '23

Duncan is a very kind and patient instructor, who was always very accommodating to my needs when driving. I would definitely recommend him to others!

11th May '23
Matthew Fenlon

Duncan is an absolute legend, I can't recommend him enough. He talks things through with you and gives you confidence right from the first lesson. He is very flexible and has a lot of time for all of his students.
Thanks Duncan

24th Apr '23

Duncan was such a nice, patient instructor. He explained all the manoeuvres very clearly and made them straight forward, meaning I passed first time! Thank you very much!

11th Apr '23

Duncan is really patient and really professional. Passed my driving test first time. Thank you for everything.

28th Mar '23

Duncan is an amazing driving instructor, so easy to get along with and so patient, always corrects you on mistakes to prepare you for your test and is reliable with fitting you in for lessons. Always looked forward to our lessons and was a joy to learn with.

21st Mar '23

Duncan is a great driving instructor very patient and calming highly recommended thankyou for everything!

10th Mar '23

Duncan is such a good instructor. He is friendly, chatty, and will be honest with his feedback so you can improve. I passed my test first time and will actually miss my lessons with Duncan. Thank you for helping me become road safe.

8th Mar '23

The patience Duncan has is second to none! I have been so fortunate to have been able to have him as my instructor as he has given me so much confidence in my driving ability, the preparation and encouragement you get is the very best, not forgetting the laughs you have on the way. Definitely might have to sign up to do a pass plus as I will miss the weekly catch ups! But most of all, thank you so much for helping me pass my test.

1st Mar '23

Gave Duncan a really tall order to get me to pass in a week after not really driving for two years. He fit me in for lessons whenever he could and gave me a lot of confidence because he's so calm. Thank you Duncan!

23rd Dec '22

Duncan was a great instructor, laid back, patient and helpful. Passed first time after about six months learning and I now feel really comfortable and confident to drive- thank you!

1st Dec '22

Learning to drive with Duncan has been a real Joy! I passed first time! Duncan is incredibly patient but always direct with his feedback which I found incredibly helpful! Thank you Duncan!

30th Nov '22

Without Duncans calm and patient guidance there is no way I would have passed first time. I was so nervous to start and now I am a confident driver. Thank you so much Duncan :)

22nd Nov '22
Arun Kumar

Duncan is an Amazing instructor, he is super friendly and very patient which makes you feel comfortable that you are on a drive with friend but at the very same time gives a critical feedback effectively which will help you identify your mistakes and work on it to correct.

Passed first time with only two faults, it was all down to Duncan feedback on every mistake and suggestions to correct it, couldn’t thank him enough for that!!
I would highly recommend Duncan to anyone looking to start driving lessons!

5th Nov '22

Duncan is a patient and chilled instructor. I passed my test the first time after driving 15 hours with him. I really enjoyed my lessons. Thank you Duncan :)

2nd Nov '22
Grace Small

Amazing Instructor! Couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Gave me the confidence and courage I needed to pass first time! Highly recommend. Couldn’t of done it without you, thankyou so much.

31st Oct '22
Sam Johnson

I've been driving with Duncan for about 6 months, and passed my test first time. Have really enjoyed my lessons with him. It's been a really enjoyable experience, thank you Duncan .

29th Sep '22
Sam w

Duncan was an excellent instructor. Very reliable and knowledgeable which helped me to pass first time.

24th Sep '22
Verity Denton

Highly recommend Duncan, helped me pass first time with only 2 minors! Very patient and kind

22nd Sep '22
Abigail Brown

Really lovely instructor and helped provide calm lessons when I got nervous driving. Would recommend to anyone wanting an instructor!

13th Aug '22
Oscar Groundwater

Duncan is a great instructor who is very easy to get along with and helped me to pass first time! Would definitely recommend him.

7th Jul '22

I cannot praise Duncan enough, he has been reassuring , calming and brilliant instructor. He has helped me pass first time , and I always looked forward to my lessons. Thank you so much !

25th Jun '22
Molly Blythe

Duncan is a great driving instructor! He’s patient and very easy to get along with which makes driving lessons relaxed and enjoyable. He helped me pass first time, couldn’t recommended him more!

11th Jun '22

If you want to learn to drive whilst feeling relaxed, reassured and capable but also have a brilliant time doing so then Duncan is the man for the job. He is an absolute joy of a teacher with endless patience and such a friendly approach. I’m only sad, having passed that we don’t get to hang out anymore! Forever grateful for all of his kindness, good chat and driving expertise. It seems he is able to teach even the worst drivers. Couldn’t recommend him more.

26th May '22

Duncan is a reliable and friendly instructor. He helped settle my nerves during lessons with his good sense of humour and kept me focused during my mistakes. I can’t recommend him enough.

23rd May '22

Duncan is a great instructor, Very calm, relaxed and a gives clear instructions. Made me pass 1st time with 1 minor after only 6 lessons.

11th May '22

I cannot praise or recommend Duncan highly enough. He is incredibly patient, reliable and considerate - not only did he put up with all my anxieties around driving amazingly, but turned me around from being a really nervous driver to passing my test on the first attempt in just over a month! He really believed in my driving when I didn't and I cannot thank him enough. 10/10.

21st Apr '22
Amelie M

Can’t recommend Duncan enough. He turned me from a really nervous driver to a confident one. He gets to know all of his learners and is really fun! Thank you Duncan for making me more confident in myself and helping me pass :)

19th Apr '22
Chloe S-M

I cannot thank Duncan enough for putting up with me and my on going tiredness every lesson, he was extremely patient, super friendly and has a good laugh now and then. A very reliable instructor, always has time to book If you need it and prioritises your test. Highly recommend.

12th Apr '22
Alice Turner

Duncan was a great instructor, very patient, friendly and could have a laugh and always making me feel less nervous when driving, helping me to pass first time. Thank you!

11th Apr '22
Neve B

Duncan is absolutely great and is so patient! Always having a joke with you and keeping you feel comfortable while still pushing you to achieve your best. Perfect for all different levels of experience. Couldn’t thank him enough after I passed first time with only 3 minors all down to Duncan’s brilliant teaching!

30th Mar '22
Vicki Laing

I would highly recommend Duncan to anyone looking to start driving lessons
With his guidance and patience I passed my test First time.
Duncan is a very patient, understanding, professional instructor and a good motivator who goes above and beyond to meet individual learner needs.
He will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver.
Thank you so much for everything Duncan

12th Mar '22
Abbie Dewar

Duncan is brill! very easy to get along with, and very flexible. Passed first time with only three faults, couldn’t thank him any better :))

18th Feb '22
Imo Smith

Duncan was a really good driving instructor, easy to get along with and always gave me clear instructions. Very laid back and I passed first time!

4th Feb '22
Megan C

Duncan is a very encouraging and friendly instructor. I passed my test first time and felt very prepared and capable for it. He is patient, very friendly and easy to get along with, he made me feel completely at ease and less tense about driving. He is very reliable and always managed somehow to make our busy schedules work. Thank you so much Duncan!

1st Feb '22
Tom Hall

Duncan was an amazing instructor, always patient and friendly. Thanks to him I passed first time after a few months of lessons. Would highly recommend.

23rd Dec '21
Chloe Lawson

Highly recommend Duncan. He’s patient and will get you passed in no time. Thank you

10th Dec '21
Jack Tudbury

I’ve had Duncan since July and he couldn’t have been a better driving instructor. He really helped me grasp what the examiner would look for and was patient and reassuring if I made any mistakes.

5th Nov '21
Oliver Oxtoby

Duncan is a great instructor and also very patient, a great guy to get along with. He gave me full confidence on the road. Would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Duncan!

1st Nov '21
Nick Pollard

Always felt safe and happy to be in the car with Duncan, a great and helpful instructor who helped me pass my test and become a well-rounded driver

28th Oct '21

Started driving with Duncan a few months back and passed my test first time. He is genuinely one of the best instructors! He is so kind, friendly, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humour… 100% recommend to anyone!

30th Sep '21

Passed first time. Started learning in May 2021 and took the test in September with 2 hour lessons every fortnight.

16th Sep '21

Great instructor, who was a real help in passing first time. Didn't pressure me when driving and worked to my strengths. He was constructive in feedback and it really did help. Can really recommend!

30th Aug '21
Jessie W

Duncan is a great instructor who helped me to gain confidence and pass my test first time. I would highly recommend him to any new driver.

19th Aug '21
Izzy S

Duncan is a really understanding instructor, who is calm throughout every situation. A fun and cool personality, making lessons much less nerve-wracking than I had expected. A great teaching approach giving a well-equipped mind for driving. Really recommend him as he helped me all the way through my learning experience, securing a first time pass.

17th Aug '21
Maisie C

Duncan - is everything you want in a driving instructor. He has an expert knowledge of what is required to pass a test combined with a calm manner. He steered me through the ups and downs of the learning to drive process with patience and humour. 10/10. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you so much for all of your help.

16th Aug '21
Lewis Charnock

So I learned to drive privately and got to a week before my test and Duncan called me asking if I still needed lessons which I did need a couple to get my head in the game and he came along and took me for a couple before my test and helped me pass first time thank you Duncan for your last minute push to get me through definitely recommend

16th Aug '21

From the first lesson Duncan was so helpful and approachable especially since I had never driven before and he really encouraged me. He's funny and is always ready to answer any questions (even if you bombard him with them). I passed first time thanks to his support and guidance. Thank you so much Duncan :)

13th Aug '21
Alex A

Over the course of the COVID pandemic, Duncan was understandably busy, and the regulations constantly changing regarding driving made booking tests difficult. However, Duncan's lessons were nonetheless efficient and helpful, assisting me into passing first time. Duncan has a calm and patient method of teaching that allows you to ease into the correct routine of driving regardless of your prior experience. Thanks, Duncan, for the lessons!

25th Jul '21

I cannot thank Duncan enough for putting up with me and my bad driving habits, he was extremely patient, super friendly and so easy going. A very reliable instructor, always willing to book in and help. Highly recommend.

23rd Jun '21
Jack Shervington

Duncan is not just a very experienced, patient, and knowledgeable driving instructor, he is a wonderful human being. Even though I wasn’t the most experienced going into my test, he reassured me with optimism and hard work that I would pass. Thankfully I did! I would recommend him to anyone at any level of their driving. Thanks Duncan

5th May '21
Anna Fenlon

Duncan is a patient and calm instructor; he always made me feel at ease in the car and helped me gain confidence in my driving ability. He's also just a lovely guy!
Thank you Duncan!

31st Dec '20
Garima Rai

Thoroughly enjoyed having Duncan as an instructor and learning in the Mini Cooper. Thrilled to have passed first time thanks to Duncan's many years of experience and his calm, patient and firm method of teaching. Highly recommend.

5th Nov '20

Duncan helped me so much with passing my test, before my lessons with him I was struggling but after a few he really showed me what I was doing wrong and helped me to improve

2nd Nov '20
Seb Lyons

Duncan was a really patient and nice driving instructor. He was really helpful and it was a great experience learning to drive with him. Would highly recommend to anyone

28th Oct '20
arthur websterjones

Super good at keeping carm with all the dum mistakes I made. Really helpful for getting a pass. Amazing instructor.

6th Oct '20
Jodie Richardson

I passed my test first time with Duncan, who helped majorly by increasing my confidence and ensuring I knew everything in preparation to my test! He is extremely patient, helpful and goes out of his way to make sure you feel comfortable with all aspects of the exam. Thank you very much! Would highly recommend to anyone.

9th Sep '20
Milly Boshier

Duncan Is a life saver! Helped me pass first time. He is an amazing instructor, He made me feel calm and confident and was clear and concise when teaching the kindest and most genuine person you’ll meet.

3rd Sep '20
Freddie Dunn

Duncan is an excellent driving instructor who's patient, friendly and knowledgeable. Helped me pass my test first time and I'm incredibly grateful, would highly recommend to any leaner.

18th Mar '20
Sophie Kowal

I passed almost 2 years ago but I remember Duncan’s lessons like they were yesterday. Such a great instructor. Very good sense of humour and an all round great guy. Would recommend 100%

3rd Mar '20
Sandra Douglas

After taking lessons for a year ,i passed my test this morning, thanks to duncan,VERY patience,but also had many laughs along the way, would recommend as an instructor to anybody.

17th Feb '20
Jen Lee-Bromley

An absolutely amazing instructor from start to finish. Cracked a nervous Nellie with years worth of bad habits. Always great chat and able to answer anything. Won’t hesitate recommending Duncan to anyone and everyone. Thanks so much for everything!

11th Feb '20

I would really recommend Duncan, I quickly gained confidence and was able to pass first time.

30th Nov '19
Robbie Eames

I would recommend Duncan to anyone starting to learn to drive. He’s calm and patient and is also a great laugh, helped me pass first time!

12th Nov '19

Cannot recommend Duncan enough! He's calm, collected and so supportive, a great person to have in the car. He's not just showed me how to pass a test, but also how to be a well rounded driver. I feel so much more confident in a car, all thanks to him!

30th Sep '19

Duncan is a very calm and understanding instructor with excellent experience and knowledge, helped me pass first time, would highly recommend him

22nd Jul '19
TongWah Chan

Duncan is a calm, clear and a very lovely instructor with a lot of patience! Would strongly recommend him to anyone as was very genuine when he's trying to help. Thankyou very much Duncan Beckwtih.

20th Jul '19
Kieran Horn

I cant recommend Duncan enough for the patience he showed with me. I went from becoming a nervous wreck in the car to passing first time. I'll be forever grateful. Thanks Duncan, top man!

10th Jul '19

Duncan is an exceptional driving instructor, always friendly and great to talk to. His method of teaching is effective and makes you feel comfortable in every aspect of learning. I enjoyed every lesson I had, thank you.

6th Jul '19
Emma Money

Duncan is not only an incredible driving instructor providing a breadth and depth of knowledge, but also a wonderful person. He has made my experience of learning to drive an absolute pleasure and I cannot thank him enough.

5th Jun '19
Alice H

Passed my test first time with Duncan.. he was very patient and was an all round amazing instructor, would highly recommend! X

17th May '19
Paula Portis

Duncan was a great driving instructor! Helping me get over my fear of driving and helping me on my way to a first time pass!! Wouldn’t have done it without his perseverance and guidance.

25th Apr '19
Millie Cuthbert

Couldn’t recommend Duncan enough! Very patient with nervous drivers and explains things so well. I didn’t think that I could do it but Duncan believed in me and I passed! I’m now a confident driver and out on the roads by myself. I can’t Thank Duncan enough for getting me to this point. 100% recommended!

15th Feb '19
Olivia Hill

Duncan was an amazing driving instructor! He always remained calm and believed I could do it and I did by passing first time! He believed in me and put up with me for a good few months, wouldn’t of wanted anyone else to teach me to drive, recommend 100%!

14th Jan '19
Lucas Pollard

Was really looking forward to learning to drive, and Duncan was a great teacher. Only took a few months and I passed first try and have been driving around safely and confidently ever since. Thank you!

9th Jan '19
Beth B

Before learning to drive I was anxious and a really nervous driver but Duncan had so much patience with me, pushed me out of my comfort zone and today I passed with just 1 minor. He’s an excellent driving instructor and lovely person. 10/10 recommend, THE person you need to teach you to drive. Thanks again Duncan, I’m forever grateful.

4th Dec '18
Ewan May

Duncan is a great driving instructor, always very calm and helpful. He knows everything about the roads in the area! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an instructor.

16th Nov '18

I would highly recommend Duncan as a driving instructor he is so lovely, easy to get along with and patient. Duncan helped me psss first time and I cannot thank him enough.

31st Oct '18
Matthew Hudson

I would highly recommend Duncan as your choice of Driving Instructor, he is spot on and taught both me and my sister and we both Passed first time. I cannot pick any faults in the way he teaches at all, he is really nice to get on with and talk to.

30th Oct '18

A patient and calm instructor just what you need when you are learning to drive.
Thanks to Duncan’s thorough approach I passed first time.

24th Oct '18

Duncan is the best driving instructor he is so calm and patient and so knowledgeable

22nd Oct '18
Tom Lewis

Duncan is very patient, friendly and professional. Because of him I passed first time. Getting in a car with Duncan for a lesson guaranteed that I would learn a lot about driving and have a good conversation and a laugh along the way. I'd recommend Duncan to anyone looking to learn to drive.

19th Oct '18
Callum Clark

Duncan is a great instructor he helped me out a lot and helped me pass first time and is the only person I’ve met who’s managed to slow me down haha. Really can’t thank him enough for all he has done and I would definitely recommend Duncan to anybody.

27th Sep '18

Duncan is a great instructor who was very helpful and encouraging. Without him i wouldn't have passed first time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

25th Sep '18

Duncan is a great instructor and is a very calming influence in the car. I am so happy with how my lessons went and passed my test first time!

20th Sep '18
Sophie Kowal

Been driving three months now and I’m So glad I chose Duncan to be my instructor from start to finish I enjoyed it he’s got a great sense of humour and is a very patient teacher. Would recommend to anyone

16th Aug '18
Mick P

Got lessons booked for me by a family member and I am so glad they chose Duncan. With no previous driving experience he taught me how to drive in a short space of time. Amazing driving instructor would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks again mate

1st Aug '18
Helen Buckle

Thank you for your patience and endurance. We got there in the end.
Without your professional and personal support I would have given up altogether.

23rd Jul '18
Lucy Hopcroft

Duncan is the best, he is an amazing driving instructor. He is really calm and patient when teaching and is really easy to get along with. Duncan prepared me really well for my driving test and I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Thanks again Duncan

12th Jul '18
Alex Stapylton

1st time pass with Duncan. A top man who knows when to be patient and when to push you on. I couldn’t recommend him enough to anybody. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in to getting me through this Duncan and all the best for the future. Cheers mate!

3rd Jul '18

Duncan’s a fantastic instructor. His calm and relaxed approach helped me to get over my initial anxieties about driving. He was patient and at the same time managed to push me beyond my comfort zone. I passed my test first time and I don’t think I could have done it without him. Thank you Duncan!

26th Jun '18
Oliver Saxby

Great driving instructor. Very helpful and patient, Duncan helped me to pass in just a few weeks. Thank you!

1st Jun '18
Rebecca Ranson

Duncan is an amazing driving instructor who helped me pass first time! He is very patient and helps to build up confidence when on the roads. I would recommend him to anyone!! Thank you.

8th May '18

I can do nothing but prise this man he is an amazing teacher and a fantastic man. I had 4 weeks with him and he filled me with confidence.
What can I say in the words off Duncan a spade is a spade and you can do it you know you can.

Thanks again

2nd May '18
Edwin Ganiban

Duncan is a very patient instructor.Duncan thank you very much for being there for me. for helping me pass my driving test. Duncan you’re a star! Thank you very much indeed, and I will recommend you to everyone.Take care and God Bless you always.

28th Apr '18
James spence

Duncan is an excellent instructor,I passed first time with him and he’s got a good sense of humour,so easy to get along with and worth going with,thanks a lot Duncan you’ve taught me well

12th Apr '18
Alex schofield

I Couldn’t have asked for a more patient, reliable and kind instructor and I know for a fact I wouldn’t have passed without all his help!

11th Apr '18
Lewis Bendelow

Learning to drive with Duncan Beckwith was definately the best choice I could have made. He is patient, passionate about driving and will listen and answer any queries you may have. Good laugh and always made me feel happy driving and gave me full confidence on the road. Thats why I passed first time. Would highly reccommend Duncan to anyone. Thanks Duncan!

15th Mar '18
Hayden Wilson

Tought my dad passed 1st time, tought me passed 1st time, Duncan is the best he’s punctual always on time and explains everything perfectly, I always feeler safe with him and always had a good chat, thank you so much Duncan!

2nd Feb '18
Susy Shikoda

He is a fantastic driving instructor! I may not have passed the first time, He was very patient and calm throughout the lessons, and ensured that I had fun while learning to drive... definitely, I will miss our classes!! In himself he’s a very friendly individual, making sure you’re relaxed. I would recommend Duncan to anyone! Thanks a lot Duncan!

26th Oct '17
Ben Blakeston

Duncan is the best Driver instructor going! He makes you feel calm and collective whilst learning, he is flexible with time and works with you to fit in lessons. He runs through everything before the test to make sure you understand what's going happen! Passed first time with 3 minors! Would recommend him to anywayone wanting lessons

25th Sep '17
Mandy appleton


24th Aug '17
Niamh Pallott

Fabulous instructor! He's very patient, caring and understanding. I passed first time and I would definitely recommend him to others!

8th Jul '17
Ian Billingham

I worked with Duncan for just 3 days and passed my practical test first time!! Duncan's a great teacher with a good sense of humour. He keeps you at ease, yet is able to spot all the details of what to pay attention to-- clearly from his decades of experience and passion teaching others! He is also extremely knowledgeable of test routes and individual test instructors. Not only does he focus on practical tips and strategies to ensure successful test results, but he also anticipates likely instructors you may be sitting with to ensure that you are 100% prepared for your road test. My wife will also be continuing to work with Duncan to sit her practical test in next couple months. I can't recommend Duncan highly enough if you're looking for driver education, or frustrated at not getting successful results...he'll get you there!

4th Jul '17
Sam Harris

Duncan's is a really great instructor. I doubt anyone else could get ME to pass first time! he was really patient and encouraging, would definitely recomend him.

30th Jun '17
Keiran Shepherd

I would recommend Duncan as a driving instructer, he is a very good and calm at what he does. Duncan also has a funny side which helps a lot with nervous drivers, thank you Duncan for teaching me to drive in such a short time

21st Jun '17
Rachael Williams

Duncan is a very patient and caring instructor. I have just passed my test today and i could not of done it without his help. Duncan understood that it takes me time to get everything right and taught me to do all the turns correctly. I would recommend him to any learner driver because he teaches everyone to the best of their abilities so they are ready for their test.

Thank You so much Duncan for all your help :)

31st Mar '17
Bobby Connor

Duncan is a great guy. He is a friendly, calm and patient instructor that has brilliant teaching methods that he can easily change to suit you. I would happily say that Duncan is one of the best instructors around and would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to pass their test swiftly and to anyone that wants to have an enjoyable experience in driving.

22nd Mar '17
James Huckerby

Duncan was a great instructor and was very calm and professional throughout lessons and made me feel at ease while learning to drive. I've had a few different instructors in the past and by far he's the best. Top bloke, nice and friendly and had a good laff while learning to drive while remaining professional. 10/10 mate thanks for the excellent guidance. Will recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive in the future. Many Thanks

15th Mar '17
Will Horner

Would recommend to anyone, top instructor, top bloke

14th Mar '17
Alina Kletkiewicz

Driving with Mr. Duncan, is pure pleasure. It is very positively oriented teacher, who give you patience and carefully prepare to driving. You are just the best Mr. Duncan. Thank you so much!!

17th Feb '17
Jade Aitken

I would 100% recommend Duncan as a driving instructor, he is a lovely man and made me feel so at ease when driving. I had such a laugh whilst learning which makes the whole learning experience even better. Thank you so much, I really appreciate all your help!

11th Feb '17
Cara York

Thank you!! Past my test with no minors thanks to Duncan! Easy to get along with and very patient! Thanks again!

31st Jan '17
Rachel Masterman

Duncan is a patient and encouraging driving instructor who gave me the confidence to pass my test! I would definitely recommend him! Thank you!!

27th Jan '17
Abigail Anson

Thank you so much Duncan for helping me pass my test, you were so patient and kind.

15th Jan '17
Patrick Moon

Duncan is a great instructor. Calm, patient and a good laugh all made my driving lessons enjoyable, and after passing first time I would recommend him to anyone.

7th Jan '17
Ross Powell

I passed my test first time thanks to Duncan's excellent teaching. I would happily recommend Duncan to anyone interested in learning to drive.

3rd Jan '17
D Boarman

I passed first time with Duncan. He is a great driving instructor and will listen to what you have to say and will adapt his teaching methods to suit you. He is very patient and speaks to you rather than yells at you if you have misunderstood something or have done something wrong. I am on the autistic spectrum and was worried about driving but with Duncan it was easier than I thought.

3rd Dec '16
Sophie de Cogan

I passed my test first time with Duncan! Thank you for everything! He is so patient and I wouldnt have done it without him. Would recommend to anyone.

24th Nov '16
Owen Foster

Duncan was my first instructor and couldn't ask for a more honest and brilliant instructor. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Cheers

12th Oct '16
Julia Morgan

Duncan is a fantastic, patient and kind instructor who helped me pass my test first time. THANK YOU! I will recommend him to everyone.

15th Sep '16
Phuong Vu

I really enjoyed driving with Duncan, though my mood was up and down because of being a new mother. Owing to his calmness and patience, I passed the driving test first time yesterday. He is such a brilliant driving instructor I was lucky to be introduced to

13th Sep '16
Emily Coxon

Passed my test first time with Duncan, brilliant instructor and an all round lovely man. Would definitely recommend, you can tell he's had years of experience of helping people to pass their test :)

28th Aug '16
Henry Saunders

Duncan was great, within 8 lessons he turned me from somebody who was far too fast to someone who was far more controlled and a safe driver and got me passed first time! Couldn't of asked any more from him, would recommend to anyone

26th Aug '16
Jane Simpson

Duncan has taught both our sons to drive. He has been incredibly patient, helpful and encouraging throughout. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

8th Aug '16
Eddy Simpson

Duncan was a great driving instructor and we got along well, he was always patient. It's all because of Duncan's instructing that I passed, and I would recommend him to everyone.

28th Jul '16
Leanne harrison

I would definatley recommend Duncan. From the very first lesson to passing Duncan has been fantastic. He has a very calming nature and makes you feel relaxed. Each lesson was great and always flew by. Even if the odd 1 didn't quite go to plan Duncan was always positive and constructive. Duncan was always 100% I could pass even if I didn't believe it. I"ll miss our chinwags, in Duncan's words "it's been fun kidda". Thank you Duncan....I did it!!

18th May '16
Alicia Miller

Passed my test first time. Duncan was an awesome instructor, really friendly and calming. Thank you very much, would recommend to anyone.

11th May '16
Cam Clarkson

Passed my test first time after been taught by Duncan. I've had a couple of driving instructors in the past and Duncan is without a doubt the best. He keeps calm and is very easy to get along with which helped me a lot as I was very nervous at first. I would highly recommend Duncan to anyone who's wanting to pass there test. Thanks Duncan

6th May '16
Luciana White

Passed first time! Duncan taught me everything I needed for my test!! He is patient, gentle, knowledgeable and a good laugh! The only downside is leaving the car when the lessons are over! I'll miss driving the Mini!! Thank you Duncan!

19th Apr '16
James Higginbotham

An absolutely superb instructor and a mini cooper to boot! Passed my test first time and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. I would most definitely recommend Duncan to any new driver.

19th Apr '16
Thomas Graham

Duncan was a superb instructor who was very patient and calm while i was driving. Thankyou so much for all your help

19th Apr '16
Robert Burton

Thank you. Passed first time with Duncan's help. Would highly recommend him to anyone very good instructor and a very nice guy.

19th Apr '16
Jessica Marcola

Duncan was very patient with me throughout every lesson as I am a very nervous driver. He was great at guiding me and helping me give my all to driving, I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for helping me pass!

19th Apr '16
Miki Lane

Duncan was a great instructor for me, very patient and we could have a laugh which made me feel very comfortable when driving. I would definitely recommend him especially for someone who is very nervous! He got me from knowing nothing at all to passing my test! I actually looked forward to my lessons!

21st Mar '16
Tammy Soper

After 10 years and 3 different driving instructors, I finally passed with Duncan. I was a nervous driver but Duncan was patient, calming and he made driving enjoyable. I would recommend Duncan to everyone!!!

18th Mar '16
Sam Raper

Duncan was a great teacher. Always turned up on time, very friendly, and was extremely patient when I didn't quite get something right. Helped me to pass first time and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Duncan.

2nd Mar '16
Jessica Marcola

“Duncan was very patient with me throughout every lesson as I am a very nervous driver. He was great at guiding me and helping me give my all to driving, I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for helping me pass!”

22nd Dec '15