Driving Instructor Knaresborough

The search for the right driving instructor can feel like a mammoth task. How do you know who is going to be able to offer you the support you will need to learn such a life-changing skill? A driving instructor’s personality and their experience in the field are very important aspects of what makes them a good teacher. If you live in Knaresborough and have found yourself in the midst of this struggle, your search could well be over.

A driving instructor who is friendly, reliable and experienced will go to great lengths to ensure that you learn to drive both safely and confidently. I am a patient, understanding person who has been teaching people to drive since 1976. I am a DVSA approved driving instructor working alongside pupils across Knaresborough in their quest for a driving license. I welcome nervous drivers and value the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with you, helping you to overcome your anxiety.

With over 35 years’ experience as a driving instructor, I am proud to be able to offer a high standard of tuition which is affordable without compromising on quality. Each and every lesson is individually tailored to the pupil, with their abilities and goals in mind. I aim to help you progress through your beginners' course week by week and at a pace which is comfortable. I will never ask you to take on a new challenge unless I’m sure that you’re confident with everything you’ve learned before. You will be learning in a manual, dual-controlled Mini Cooper which is a great car to manoeuvre.

If you are at all nervous about finding a driving instructor and clambering into the driver’s seat, I will enable you to overcome your fears and become a safe, confident driver who has the principles of safe driving fully covered.

To take your training beyond the practical test, I am a driving instructor who can offer the Pass Plus course to new drivers across Knaresborough. This government-backed initiative is designed to place you in new driving scenarios which you may not have experienced in your lessons. Motorway driving, all-weather driving and night driving are particularly tricky if you have little to no experience. I will make sure that you can tackle them with confidence.

If you are looking for a driving instructor in Knaresborough who has established a strong reputation in the area for sharing invaluable knowledge and experience, contact me today.